Granite tiles

Granite tilesGranite never lost demand in facing the house and its elements. Sunrise Company is engaged in professional processing of natural stone. In our arsenal represented granite tiles of various sizes and textures.

The proposed material consists of plagioclase, quartz, feldspar and mica. Granite tends to get gray, pink and red, depending on the dominance of one of the components of the rocks.

Due to its advantages, granite tiles for decorative finishing of the following elements:

  • fountains;

  • outdoor swimming pools;

  • embankments;

  • urban monuments;

  • memorial complexes;

  • park architecture;

  • facades;

  • caps;

  • sidewalks ;

  • floors;

  • steps.

The advantages possessed granite tiles , as follows:

  • a spectacular and unusual appearance;

  • high strength;

  • the availability of natural patterns on the surface;

  • moisture resistance;

  • low abrasion coefficient;

  • resistance to low temperatures;

  • ease of care and cleaning;

  • high density.

If you want to give your dwelling a rich and sophisticated look, please contact our dig, where to buy granite tiles will not make difficulties. Our skilled managers will help you to determine the necessary size, coloring and texture of the tiles for decorative finishing.

Buy Granite tiles

Buy Granite tilesTo properly perform the trim any element granite tiles need a professional hand and special equipment, the application of which the material is not damaged, and the current color does not lose its original appearance.

We advise you not to invite to the laying of granite tiles, tilers specialists. So you are at risk of your materials and time, after which no professional work will need to rework the design.

Buy Granite tiles you today from the company's catalog at an attractive cost. Because natural stone - a natural material, it is important to comply with all the subtleties of working with him. If you entrust the work to professionals, granite finish will delight you for many decades.

Now buy granite tiles , the price of which will surprise even the most demanding customer, you can out of our range. Managers of the company will help you determine the size, color and texture that will be optimal for your facility.

Granite tiles: price

Granite tiles: priceRepresented granite tiles, the price of which depends on the parameters of the material has different surface types:

  • polished - differ mirror smooth surface and with a distinct pattern of stone;

  • glazed - like a polished plate, but do not have a shiny surface;

  • thermoprocessed - it has a rough surface, due to the special treatment of high temperature gas stream. These boards are suitable for the finishing of outdoor areas;

  • Sawing - characterized by irregular depressions, which create the effect of splits and rock damage;

  • buchardirovannye - have a uniform rough surface, with shallow damage is done.

Among other types of textures that have a unique design are plate:

  • Antique - give the effect of antique style antique;

  • rezinatura - processed resin according to the customer for the breed with deep cracks;

  • milled - are obtained by milling stone. Allow to draw the design in hi-tech;

  • tactile - special plates for people with poor eyesight. This guide signs in the form of longitudinal, diagonal, warning, square, cone-shaped signs. Have anti-slip texture.

Existing granite treatments aimed at creating a different and well-marked images. Granite tiles, the price of which in Sunrise catalog competitive, not afraid of chemicals and does not absorb dirt and dust. Recommended for long-term preservation of the original appearance of the product to use special polish.


Granite tiles

The diversity of modern building materials simply amazing. They also include granite and tile. Mix it with something else is almost impossible. Even their appearance granite tiles evokes respect. By itself, the stone has been used for countless hours. But modern processing technologies allow to get a smooth and flat parts for facing virtually any surface. Given the high performance, it can be concluded that the granite tiles - it's the best decoration material.

Distinctive features of this product

If we consider all the trimmings, the major shortcoming of many of them is the loss of their appearance over time. In addition, virtually all artificial products have significant drawbacks, because of which substantially limit their scope. Many believe that granite tile is too expensive. But if you appreciate its virtues, you will realize that it is not. To her positive qualities are:

  • Safety for human health. Granite tiles - an environmentally friendly material that does not absorb harmful substances. You can use it for facing any room.
  • Thermal shock resistance and high humidity. Granite tiles, the cost of which may seem high, does not absorb moisture, it does not crack at high temperatures and does not oxidize. This is due to the fact that the base material was manufactured by nature under the action of the enormous heat and pressure. This is one of the most solid and durable materials known to man.
  • Durability. Granite tiles, the price of which is only slightly higher, will last you several times longer. With proper and careful use of material will not lose its properties for decades. After making repairs once, you will not spend the money in the near future.
  • Practicality. Granite tiles, the price which justifies itself, does not require special care. It is easy to tolerate the action of detergents and cleaning products.

Furthermore, the material is very convenient to use. The rough surface on both sides makes it easy to glue it on any surface. The front side will not slip your feet. Due to its properties, granite tiles, the price on our website is the most affordable, is used in a variety of cases.

Fields of application of Matter

Given the high degree of resistance to aggressive factors, tile is most often used in hot and humid areas, as well as to decorate the exterior walls. Granite tiles, you like the price, is used as a finishing material for:

  • Pools. An ideal variant in order to obtain a non-slip surface which does not lose its appearance during prolonged exposure to moisture.
  • Bathrooms. Because in the fashion natural materials to buy granite tiles - means to be in the trend. This finishing material does not lose its popularity for decades. It also allows you to create unique and original interior.
  • Building facades. If you decide to buy a granite tile and decorate its walls, it can protect your home from any negative influences for a long period of time.

This is the most common examples. Increasingly, people prefer to buy granite tiles, rather than analogues. This is due to the huge number of advantages. If you decide to buy granite tiles, you will never regret your choice. Our company offers you to buy granite tiles of various colors and shapes.