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Working with natural stones

Natural stone is indeed a miraculous work of art. However, in vivo stones correct form, which can be used for decoration of facades and interiors, are rare. 
The real beauty of the material is revealed only after accomplished professional processing of natural stone - manual or automated, which can carry out skilled masters of our company Sunrise. 
Make natural stone and elegant shape, aesthetic appearance, emphasize the decorative properties, highlight the texture of a variety of ways. Selection professional treatment method depends on the chemical and physical characteristics of the stone, the characteristics of the structure strength. 


stones Polishing performs pipeline. Initially the material is polished with abrasive agents, leveling surface. 
method is similar to polishing, but results in a velvety matte rather than a smooth surface. In this case, the focus is on maximum disclosure of the figure stone . 
Qualitatively polished surface of the stone - the processing result on the conveyors (machines) equipped with special abrasive and diamond disks. This processing of natural stone is held in equipped workshop. The process associated with an increased dusting and the need of constant humidification of the material. 
process intermediate stone processing (felsites, sandstone), which is performed by specialized saw machines. It applies an innovative method of ultrasonic cutting. Manual processing of raw materials is practiced at small volumes. 
Heat Treatment
Another way to give a rough stone look. During this treatment, the outer layer material is exposed to flame jet directed high t (over 1000C), thus achieving the effect of the decorative relief with a unique vertical drop of up to 2 mm. 
Heat treatment of exposed granite, sandstone, rocks characterized by high hardness. Effectively look ladder tracks, pavements, fronts of buildings, monuments made of stone such processing. 
Processing is carried out using 4-faceted hammer - bush hammering, having fixed on the head sprocket (elements of hard metal). The stone slab circular movements asterisk master strikes. 
As a result - the surface becomes rougher in texture resembling asphalt. Roughness kinds, terrain variations up to 5 mm. 
This technology is applicable for granite, marble. Natural stone, held buchardirovanie, popular in the decoration of facade surfaces. 
If you want to get deep texture of stone, a way to practice chipping. Differences relief reach more than 200 mm. Treated boulder retains chipped natural origin, but becomes an art, well-groomed appearance. 
Usually chipping exposed shale, which is valued in the manufacture of monuments, tombstones, monuments. They also veneer lower floors, plinths massive buildings. 
Any type of professional processing of natural stone , you can always order in our company Sunrise.

Natural stone processing


A natural stone

One of the oldest building materials can be considered as natural stone. He has been used for thousands of years. Mankind has used it in its natural form or subjected to special treatment. It was invented by a huge number of ways to use this mother. Depending on the breed, natural stone was used for construction of bearing walls, fortifications, works of art and as a finishing material. To date, the use of this material is significantly reduced. Today, natural stone is used most often for the beautiful designs and as an ornamental decoration.

Types of materials used in our days

In modern construction uses a relatively small number of varieties in pure form. Moreover, natural stone is used as mixtures of fillers of different construction, for creating a "cushion" and the like. As an independent building material is used:

  • Granite. This natural stone is used since ancient time, because it can boast high durability and very beautiful natural views. Today this natural stone used for building fences, laying of tracks and the facing walls of various types. Moreover, granite is often used as decorative ornaments to create horticultural compositions.
  • Marble. Beautiful natural stone, which is used as a decorative building material. Unfortunately, the cost is too high, so it serves as an indicator of high status.
  • Rakushnjak. Inexpensive natural stone with very high levels of insulation. That is why it is most often used for the construction of walls and insulation of houses. Due to the low cost of the material, it is often used for the construction of farm buildings.
  • Sandstone. Natural stone with a very beautiful pattern. This leads to its use as a beautiful decorative material. It is also often used for the construction of decorative fences.

This is the most popular natural building materials. The only disadvantage is the need for additional treatment. Natural stone has a very irregular shapes, so it must be treated. Our company supplies the material in ready to use form.

Methods for working stone and their scope

To natural stone has acquired the desired shape it is necessary to process. Modern technologies allow to receive a different type of surface. All kinds of natural stone processing allows for different appearance. Since most of this material is used as a decorative and finishing, you'll be able to choose the most suitable material for themselves.

natural stone treatment is carried out as follows:

  • Polishing. The method by which manages to get the most even surface. This is the best treatment of natural stone, if you are going to use it as a floor covering. Also, it is an ideal treatment method for creating decorations. Depending on the roughness of the material passes through several stages of different abrasive materials processing. One subspecies of polishing can be considered a grind. Such processing of natural stone is applied to durum stone and provides the most glossy surface.
  • Cut. Working with natural stones, which allows to achieve the correct geometric shapes that provides a convenient building blocks.
  • Thermal processing of natural stone. We all saw how beautiful can be a basalt. In order to get a picture on the decorative materials must be subjected to its thermal effect.
  • Processing natural stone by means of the impact tool. For this purpose, a special hammer with carbide tips. The result is an ideal surface for decorating facades.
  • natural stone processing with cleaving. A method which allows to obtain the desired shape with the most natural surface. Perfect finish of natural stone, which will become a decorative ornament.

Decorating with natural materials is becoming increasingly popular. Stone - is an environmentally friendly option that allows you to use almost any interior. natural stone processing allows to obtain different shapes and surfaces. Different types allow you to achieve the desired result. We use the most modern technology and are ready to satisfy any customer's request.